Welcome to ALG-ALL-CODE-Micro
A large-scale algal genome sequencing project
Microalgae are integral primary producers for global ecosystems, but representative genome sequences from many phyla are still lacking. Our group at NYU Abu Dhabi has launched a large algal genome-sequencing project, Alg-all-code, to fill this information gap. We have sequenced 120+ microalgae across broad evolutionary divisions, including Rhodophytes, Chlorophytes, Miozoa, Haptophytes, Cercozoans, Ochrophytes, and Chromophytes. The increased sample size of genomic assemblies provided by this project allows for statistically significant resolution of comparative genomics questions, such as genomic differences in saltwater vs freshwater microalgae. Algal genomes can be mined for ecological insight and applied biotechnology resources. The new genomic resources generated in this work will enable studies aimed at clarifying other poorly understood mechanisms of algal biology and assist the development of biotechnological applications, especially in non-model species.